1Suite CRM

1Suite CRM

1Suite CRM is the right CRM system for marketing, sales and service. We help you to manage interactions with your customers and to streamline your processes. 


1Suite CRM is the easiest app to grow and manage your business. The 1Suite modules keeps contact and sales info in one easy-to-manage place. Organize & automate your whole company! 

Ease of use

With 1Suite CRM you can login and do your business work in a very simple way.

Manage your contacts, customers and prospects and get to know them better.

CRM Customization

Your 1Suite CRM will work like your business works. Company-specific fields, data requirements, processes are particular to how you operate.


If you don’t measure it, you can’t manage Your 1Suite CRM is able to report on any data point you can collect.

“My employees all use the 1Suite CRM to get organized by tasks and to track their time. And I use the CRM to organize my employees.”

Franz-Josef Holler Holler Wohntraum

“I love 1Suite CRM solution because it's so easy to use. Congratulations to CRM software developers! We only use 5 of the modules but we will go with more modules in a short time!”

Christine Lipp-Sunko LSH Facility

“I work with 1Suite CRM solution since the beginning. I organize my clients and their cars with it. But the best feature for me is that I have access to the CRM with my iPhone. And that I can send an invoice in 15 seconds :-)”

Rene Leitinger Leitinger Cars