Deal management software

With 1Suite CRM you can manage all deals and opportunities. We trigger automatic follow-ups and provide the sales funnel for you.

Deal Management


The opportunity module helps you to track and manage your deals. You can visualize your entire sales process and break it down into actionable tasks and follow-ups.

Engage with your prospects.
Make realistic forecast revenue.
Move your deals up the sales ladder.

Weighted pipeline

Set probability against your deal stages.

Ease of use

And give its users real flexibility to create a dynamic, professional website in no time.


Create a forecast revenue from deals.

Understand deal performance

Understand the performance of the opportunities.

Track all your deals

Create new deals optimize your sales process, and win more deals


Focus on the right customers and sales opportunities.

Manage deals anywhere, anytime

Use 1Suite for deal management

Add discipline in your deal cycle by controlling it with 1Suite CRM deal management software.

Get an overview of all  activities of the deals in all stages of the sales pipeline. Augment the value of each deal and force more opportunities.



Let’s manage your deals efficiently

Track your deals by focusing on hot deals and close more deals faster.