People talk a lot about contact management software. But everyone has a different idea what kind of features a contact management software should have.

Contact lists and segmentation

Building contact list with different filters by industry, company size and other attributes is one of the key features.

Contact management App

A contact management app for Android/iOS is an important tool specially for people working out of the office. With this app all employees can access all contact information at every time all over the world. Therefore employees from sales, support, customer service and marketing have access to the contacts.

Task management

Task management features are important to all contact management solutions. Tasks should be assigned to team members so that at every time all have the full visibility on which employee is doing what. Because tasks should be connected to contacts, a clear history of a contact and all activities is available. 1Suite CRM is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service contact management platform where all work processes are saved in one place.